Self Portraits _ Lockdown 3.0

It's January in England, which is always a slightly depressing time of year as it is, but it's 2021, and a global pandemic has been ongoing for almost year now.

In times like this, my brain screams "use this time to be creative", but nothing kills creativity quite like being trapped in your home with two kids, endless demands for snacks & constant rain outside. So, in the moments when I do feel motivated, I really have to seize it and roll with the outcome.

I was inspired by some portraits that Marina Williams ( ) took, that were Twiggy-inspired studio photos (my love of the 60s always draws me in). I also find that music is a huge factor when creating, listening to a certain genre or artist totally changes the outcome of an image, and even how I edit. Recently, I discovered "July" by Noah Cyrus & Leon Bridges, and it definitely played a part in the vibe of this shoot, as well as some songs by Mega, Lola Young & Maisie Peters.

Out of this modest set up in my spare room came a set of self portraits I'm really proud of. I also managed to capture some of my little Sonny & I, scroll down to spot his cheeky little face.

Thanks for visiting, and reading my story. I'd love to hear which one is your favourite, let me know in the comments!

Charlie x

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