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Updated: Jan 14

So, you've booked in your photo session, we've chosen the location & you've started getting super excited about the day. But then, it dawns on you: "What do I wear?"

It is one of the most common questions I get asked.

Having your photo taken is such a treat, and some thing that most people only do once a year (or less). And for those big moments, like newborn photos or maternity, they only come around once, so you put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself to wear the right thing.

Firstly, take a breath. Don't ruin the lead up to your shoot ordering 100 outfits and sending them all back. I've come up with some handy tips to save you time, money, and maybe your sanity in the process.

Pinterest- inspiration for every occasion

I regularly use Pinterest to inspire me when I'm looking to style sessions. So, have a think about the shoot that we're planning: is it a family session on the beach? An engagement on a clifftop? Or is it a newborn shoot at home?

Type it into Pinterest and see what pops up. Generally, you'll be drawn to a few photos after a quick scroll, and that's always a good place to start. Once you've found some you like, you can ping me over a few of the images and we can start having a look for something similar. And if you want me to really lead the way, I have my own Pinterest boards that I can share with you (I'll never pass up an opportunity to get involved in some styling!)

Complementary Colours - the Key to unlock Timeless Photos

Unless you love that "80s studio backdrop" look where the whole family wears matching double denim (in which case, I think you're in the wrong place), then you're probably looking for photography that creates a more timeless look.

From experience, I've found the easiest formula to timeless photos is through your colour palette, muted tones, and importantly, coordinating but NOT matching.

As you can see from the examples above, the colours of the clothes are generally muted. There isn't any loud, bright colour that dominates the photo. Where there is pattern, it is not overwhelming and doesn't clash with any of the other colours or patterns. When dressing children, remember that comfy is key to keeping them happy, but their favourite TV character will age a photo significantly (and they're usually in very garish, bright prime colours). Neon colours & bright red are my biggest no no, so avoid at all costs.

Whenever a parent asks for shop recommendations, I always point to Zara Kids- their tones are muted, the fabric has texture, and the cut is classic.

For the adults, Zara is again a very good starting point, but my inspiration shops are Free People and Cos.

Accessories & Layers- telling you story through sentimental pieces

A lot of people have their favourite cosy jumper, or a sentimental necklace. These things are so beautiful for telling your story, and they add so much to your photos when you look back on them in the years to come. It's always great when you find an outfit that makes you feel stunning & goddess-y, but teaming something new with something old can be a lovey aesthetic, especially if that 'something old' is special to you.

Layer that dreamy dress with your favourite jumper, tucked into a belt and your cosiest hat on a winter morning. Or wear the necklace that was handed down to you by your Nan. Think about wearing a fedora, hats always add more interest to an image.

Got an heirloom blanket, wrap it around you while you snuggle. Think about more than the main bulk of the outfit, these sessions tell your story, so let's capture the things that are special to you. If you have anything you want to bring to a session, or anything special you want to wear, let me know so that we can capture it perfectly.

My Client Closet - Free to use with any Full Session

I've spent a lot of time trawling Pinterest, and when I find something really beautiful, I can't just let it go. Sometimes I just know that it will be perfect, so I buy it for my clients to use.

Use of the client closet can really take the pressure off finding the right piece, or spending time and money finding the dream outfit.

You can borrow dresses, fedoras & blanket capes, and the list is ever growing as I add more to the wardrobe. If there's anything you'd like to see in the client wardrobe, you're welcome to message me and we can chat about how to work it into your session.

Link to Client Closet page here:

Lastly - Make It Your Own

As with any session, the key to getting photos you'll treasure is to be yourself.

If something isn't working, like your toddler is refusing to wear the dungarees you've chosen or you've just spilt coffee on the dress you wanted to wear... don't worry! All my sessions are about having fun, enjoying yourself, and making beautiful memories. These photos are about you, telling your story and having treasured memories to look back on.

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