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How do I book?

You like my work? That's brilliant! To book you just need to contact me via email (charliebritz@hotmail.com). It would be helpful to know a bit about you and what you are after: i.e. family session for 4 people in Nov / wedding for 120 guests in May. To hold a date and time all you will need to do is pay a non-refundable £50 deposit via BACS.

For a session to go ahead I must have received a signed contract and the full session amount at least 24 hours prior to the session. I will contact you beforehand to remind you if needed.

Can you talk us through what to wear?

Absolutely! I love styling shoots and helping you choose a look that is timeless. I have Pinterest boards that can help inspire a look you want, I also have a client closet that you are welcome to use as part of your session if you wish.

Having your photos taken is so special, and something that happens infrequently for most people, so choosing clothes that make you feel amazing can make all the difference. Let's chat more about the feel and look that you want!

Will you make us pose?

As you have probably seen from my photos, and probably one of the reasons you've chosen me as a photographer, is because I don't use a studio or force smiles. All my sessions focus on bringing out the pure joy in each other. Run around, be silly, walk your dog, snuggle in at home... be you! And through that we will achieve the best photos.

Having said that, I know that having your photo taken can be daunting for some, so I do prompt you to get the most out of your sessions. I will have a chat to you throughout the session too so that you feel a bit more at ease.

Wedding packages all include time just the two of you as a newly wed couple, getting some beautiful photos of you before you join your guests for the night, as well as family portraits.

Can I Share the photos online?

I really hope that you love your photos, as a photographer, a lot of my work is done during the editing process, so when you come to sharing the images on social media, I just ask that you post them as they have been given to you: no added filters or cropping where possible. This means that anyone else seeing my images gets to see them with all the love and emotions portrayed how I intended

When posting an image of mine, a little credit goes a long way. On instagram if you mention “Photos by @charliebritzphotography” or on Facebook “Photos by Charlie Britz Photography” at the end of a caption, it means people can find my business if they wish to see more, and for a small business like mine, that can be invaluable (and if you really want bonus points, you can tag the photo itself… hooray!)

What happens if one of us is ill?

If you fall ill before the session, we can postpone. I want you to look back on the photos and remember a great day.

I allow for up to 2 postponements for every session.

What if the weather is bad?

It depends on your version of bad weather. Living in the UK, we know that not every day will be sunny and 28 degrees, so booking your shoot with a realistic mindset is always a good place to start. Clouds and light wind create beautiful images as much a sunset, so unfortunately I can't postpone for overcast days. If you look through my images, you'll find a lot of them aren't done on a sunny July day, we'll embrace the weather whatever it throws at us. But if the weather is really bad, then we postpone (or if you want to... I've done some beautiful shoots in the rain too)

When & How do i get my photos?

I will get your photos to you within two weeks of your session (weddings are within 6 weeks), unless otherwise agreed. I will upload your photos to an online gallery, and you will receive an email with a download link (if you haven't received your gallery within the time, please check your Junk folder or contact me directly). From there you can download and share as you please. The gallery will be available online for 12 weeks before it is taken down. I recommend you keep them somewhere safe as I don't keep copies of your photos longer than this period.

I may give you a "Sneak Peak" of your photos by posting some on my social media, if you do not wish for your images to be shared online please let me know before the session so that I can put it in the contract.

Can I contact you?

You can contact me via email:


or there are contact forms here.

I aim to respond within 24 hours, however, I do have two young children & sometimes life can be a bit hectic so bare with me.
If your enquiry is urgent or you haven't heard back after a few days, please message or call 07805498292.

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