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Charlie Britz Photography?

"Raw, emotional & genuine photography, telling the story of your life & love."

Hello, I'm Charlie, and I'm so pleased you're here and want to find out more.

Currently based in South West UK, and forever off finding new places, I love nothing more than exploring; with work photographing amazing people, or with my little family.


When I was younger, I always loved turning through the photo albums my parents kept in our lounge. Obviously, this was twenty-five-ish years ago, so they were all prints from film, but I loved looking through all the photos of people in my life, moments in time that had passed by, but had been frozen in photographs. When I go home to my family home, I can still spend hours looking through them; showing my kids photos of me at their age; my parents wedding; my grandparents & great-grandparents wedding.


There's a nostalga to printed photos I've never found in anything else. It brings me so much joy capturing a moment in someones life that they, their families, & potentially generations to come, will look back on.

The focus of my work is to capture the beauty of you.
The intense love and wild everyday moments that make you who you are. Telling your story through beautiful, authentic & sentimental images that you will treasure forever.

Through most of my teens & twenties I carried a Fujifilm camera around, and when I was at uni I would take it, and a vintage Polaroid camera, to friends houses and just capture us all sitting chatting. I still have those photos and look back on them so fondly, and I honestly believe that's the magic of photos - capturing a moment in it's raw, unposed state, and preserving the feeling of that moment forever.

I started my photography business "late" compared to some; I picked up my Canon DSLR again when I had my second child. For me it was the shift in my life, and a real sense of things clicking into place, that ignited an interest in developing my skills technically, and that passion grew astronomically into where I am now.

I feel so lucky to do what I love for a living; meeting people, travelling & capturing such amazing moments in life.

It really inspires my photography to be in a setting that is so special to my clients, and will forever be memorable - this is where the magic happens in my sessions; you being your authentic, relaxed and wildly in love selves, and having those moments captured for you to forever look back on.

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